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Experts in branded Workwear

We have been a trusted name in the world of garment manufacturing for over 40 years. Our experience and expertise in sewing work clothing has made us the go-to choice for European customers in a variety of industries, including workwear for forestry, uniformed services, gastronomy, medical, cosmetic or advertising purposes.

Our car is present in Denmark and Germany every two weeks, fulfilling orders, and picking up fabrics and other materials for further orders.

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of satisfaction and customer service, and we work closely with each and every one of our customers to ensure that their specific needs and requirements are met.


Years of

We are employing over 75 people, including 52 sewers

We sew, pants, jackets, overalls, jumpsuits, insulated clothes, waterproof clothes for gastronomy and medical staff, and many more

Processing capabilities range from 10 to 14 thousand pieces a month

Variety of branding options: embroidery, transfer and emblems

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