Machinery Park

DAN POL: Advanced Technologies

Our machine park consists of modern machines of the latest generation that are necessary for quality and precise production. Sewing machines in operation among others are from Juki brand, the most reputed and reliable machines in the apparel industry, and are all equipped with protective guards in order to ensure the operator safety.

Durkopp Adler automatic cutting pocket machine 2018 year

Durkopp Adler class 2111-7 – 40 cm automatic to short sewing 2022 year

Bonding seams Union special machine

Buttonhole electronic control machine Durktopp Adler

Juki flat butthole

Juki button sewing machines

6 Juki heavy bar tacking machines

2 automatic riveting press Prym and pneumatic riveting press

One and dual-needlers machines from Juki, Durktop Adler, Siruba

4 and 5 nedle overlock Pegasus and Juki with upper transport

Armed Union Special 3-needlers (so called French stitch)

Union Special and Kansai Special belts machine

A wide variety of other specialized equipment

Our Infrastructure

Quality Production on 2000 m²

500 m² production hall

Advanced technology, excellent equipment and strict quality managing system ensure steady quality of products and delivery time.

300 m² cutting room

The cutting room is equipped with modern new band saws.

350 m² finishing and packing plant

650 m² fabric and accessories warehouse

We run a fabric and additional items warehouse for our clients.

Design department

Design department works on the Lectra system - Lectra’s powerful software, hardware and services build agility and efficiency into every step of your process, from design to production.

Office and social facilities